October 24, 2013

What to choose for your memories: wedding album or wedding book?

To have a memory of happy days is probably one of the best and most important things, something that we can take from the present into the future. It is even better when we can reminisce on what is now  past and remember all the beautiful moments left behind , that helped us grow and develop. And also, the people dear to us in the next generations will be able to see those moments. Memories are very important and, at some point in life, everyone feels the need to think about the good quality memories.

Nowadays we have a great deal of new possibilities when it comes to documenting memories and this has evolved so much  that everyone owns some sort of a camera and probably even  a hard drive full of photos. The worst part is that because of this large number of pictures, we barely ever look at them…The solution is simple: to choose the best and develop them  in one of numerous possible ways. To have a photo album or a photo book on your bookshelf, for you and other people to hold in their hands, is a completely different thing.  With a photo album you will without a doubt experience  many more happy moments while you look at the pictures remembering all those situations and places.

I always deliver the wedding photos on a USB stick and this means that there is a lot of them.  My clients can get a shorter version of their story in two forms: as a wedding album or a wedding book. Since my clients have shown interest for both, I am giving them a choice and this is very simple when clients know what they want and why they want it. However, I often also have clients who ask me for advice and most of the times they don‘t know the difference between wedding album and wedding book. That’s why I’m first going to explain the difference.

Photo album is something standard and probably everyone already knows what it is about. The photos in it are glued one by one without having to adjust their format. So you have a page after page and photo after photo telling a story of a wedding. The photos are inserted into an empty album, you can touch them and they have that particular scent of a photo…

Wedding book, as it name suggests, looks like a book and it is not a whole lot different than books we all have on bookshelves. It tells a story of a wedding in a way that before they go into print, the pages are designed one by one on a computer, after print they are bound like a real book, covers are put and it’s all done. When designing a book, there is a variety of choices how to arrange the photos on a page and what could be interesting.

Pros and cons of the two?

Both versions look very good in the end and they are good quality.

The album is a lovely classic and this is actually its primary advantage. It has existed probably as long as the photography itself. In other words, it was, it is and it will be available in the future, it’s really not a matter of a trend, it’s more like some kind of an evergreen. Like every woman should have a little black dress, every family should have photo albums. Many albums, actually! Looking at photos, one by one in an album, gives you a very special feeling. To be able to notice details, to feel the scent of the photos, and to get that feeling in your fingertips when you touch them, gives a whole new meaning to it. A photo album reminds us all of childhood and of numerous photos compiled like this that we looked at who knows how many times…On the other hand, a wedding album is rather big and massive and maybe a little unhandy to browse. Also, it usually fits less photos than a wedding book, which is not necessarily a bad thing because you avoid getting overloaded with photos and that can be tiresome.

Wedding book is usually smaller and more compact, and therefore easier to store and browse. It contains more photos, so it tells a bit longer story. Then, you have a freedom of design so with a good quality design, the pages can be very interesting and give it a special dynamics.
Nonetheless, a designed photo book is a product of these, modern times. It has been around for only a few years and it is still a question of time whether it is a passing trend or something that will stick. Since it has caused a bit of a craze, now we are at a point where there’s a thin line between something that’s trendy and something that’s slightly annoying. Besides, the photos that go in there usually have to meet the requirements of the book design, so they get adjusted, sometimes even cut which is most of the times a bad thing.

What’s my personal choice? To be honest, I will always say the same – the album. I always, in every possible way advocate the fact that photos, whose purpose is memory, belong to a long time span and I see them with a certain time lapse in mind. This also applies when it comes to safeguarding them.
The album is a sort of evergreen, there is not much room for discussion here. Besides, I always choose the feeling before trend or convenience. I do the same with the photos.
What you need to know is what you want and why you want it and what kind of taste you have. Keeping that in mind and now also knowing the difference between a wedding album and a wedding book, you won’t even need my opinion anyway.