September 23, 2015

Otilia & Bastien: rustic wedding in Chavanay (Rhone-Alpes Region), France

Seeing new places, meeting new people, having new experiences… those are the things I could never get enough of. And this amazing wedding in France was a combination of first times in everything. First time we visited Lyon, first time we shot Romanian-French couple combination and met their cultures and our first time ever to shoot a third wedding of a same couple. Yes, third.

Otilia and Bastien live and work in Doha, Qatar while her roots are Romanian and his roots are French. That’s why they had weddings in Doha, in Romania (with Romanian traditions and for Romanian family and friends) and the last one this summer in Chavanay, France for French family and friends (with few Romanians coming as well). How fun is that? Two of them are world travellers and real adventurers, so it was not a big deal for them to organise three weddings, and their families and friends supported them on this mission.

The place for their French wedding was Bastien’s hometown, a village near Lyon in beautiful Rhone-Alpes Region called Chavanay. The whole region is quite big on wines, vineyards, natural and peaceful way of living, so their whole wedding had this rustic and authentic feeling, bringing in some amazing details of this part of France. They also had an awesome company of one hundred guests who made an amazing atmosphere so the party lasted till early morning hours.

It was a huge pleasure to be a part of this story and these lives, to make their memories and to try all of those nice wines and the best cheese ever. I can only hope we’ll go back there one day or – guys, you should do the fourth wedding somewhere fun and bring everybody along (including us 😉 ).

I hope you’ll enjoy the photos!