Every time I receive an enquiry for some new wedding destination, I feel excited, inspired and very interested in learning and seeing more. It’s only a great bonus when such an enquiry comes from kind people like Emma and Ben. I realised that there will be something really sincere and amazinghappening right after Emma explained to me that they’d love to have a pure documentary coverage of their wedding cause one of the first things two of them had in mind about their wedding was having the greatest time with their kids, family and friends. So that’s exactly what they wanted in photos. No photo shoots except few formal family photos…

Another really exciting thing about this wedding was its location: the island of Menorca (or Minorca in English), very peaceful island compared to its sister islands of Mallorca and Ibiza (all three are part of Balearic Islands in Spain), with some fantastic natural beauties and one gorgeous private property close to the town of Es Castell. The name of the property was Sant Joan de Binissaida and it’s a one of a kind boutique hotel and restaurant with the surroundings to die for…
So Emma and Ben’s wedding day… what can I say? Like it wasn’t perfect enough for one photographer, there was also a small help of a warm wind blowing throughout the day which produced so many special and unique moments. When there wasn’t wind, these two and their amazing company took care of delivering so many intensive, emotional and fun situations in front of our cameras putting us into position of not knowing where to point and shoot first. The ceremony itself was one of the most touching ones I had a privilege of seeing and photographing, cause it was not a ceremony of joining two people together – it was the ceremony of joining together two little families. Now they are one happy family with three children and perfect memories in their minds, and hopefully in their photos as well.
I hope that this selection of photos will tell you so much more. Enjoy!