June 14, 2016

Charlotte & Robert: fun and romantic wedding in Croydon

The story of Charlotte and Rob is the story of the ultimate love. I’m not exaggerating and I’ll tell you why, just keep reading 🙂

The first thing we loved about photographing the wedding of these two was the fact they loved our photography. We didn’t love that cause we’re some kind of narcissists but simply because we knew from the very beginning we’ll be able to give them exactly the memories they wanted which was a big relief as it’s not just any kind of memories, it’s their wedding memories. The second thing we fell for with these two was the fact that they have a lifestyle so similar to ours, only much more challenging.

So this second thing we loved about them was crucial to conclude it was all about the ultimate love.
Charlotte is from London area, Croydon to be precise. Grew up there, has family and friends there. Rob was born in Tanzania, today lives in Botswana. They met in London and short after, Charlotte moved all the way to Botswana. It must be love? Well, it absolutely is, but it’s still just the beginning of the ultimate part.
They now live in Maun, Botswana running their own mobile safari business and the way they’re doing it, while combining it with their private life and still doing an amazing things, owning a happy family of cute kitties and dogs, and spending great deal of time apart, even on different continents – that’s what the ultimate love really is. They could barely find some time to organise their wedding (we know it best).
But still, as their guests were gathering before the ceremony in the pub right across that beautiful historical church in Downe where they got married, Rob was talking to his closest friends answering their question of how it felt to be getting married. The thing he said was just simply the ultimate love itself. He told them how in Botswana they consider man and woman being together already as husband and wife, no matter the documents. So to avoid the confusion, he’s been introducing Charlotte as his wife there for quite some time not having any kind of problem with that and seeing it as a completely natural thing as he’s a happy man. So the wedding for him was just simply… marrying somebody who’s always been his wife.

That is it.

Oh, and don’t get me started on what an incredible party they ended up having in Selsdon Park Hotel & Golf Club in Croydon. They might be living far away from the United Kingdom, but they sure have friends who love them so much and were there to make the most memorable night. The photos below will tell you much more about that.

The last sign of the ultimate love was the fact that one wedding wasn’t enough for this crazy in love couple. Another wedding, the ultimate wedding is coming to our blog in few days so stay tuned!