September 22, 2014

USB flash drives as special as each wedding!

When it comes to delivering memories to my clients, I am very difficult and complicated, both for myself and for the rest of the world. The problem is that I have no idea what to do and what would work when it comes to the method of delivery and packaging. I guess one of the reasons is because I am a photographer and I worry about delivering the best photos I can make and not that much about how to deliver them… But for my dear clients I like to conclude the story.

Just like with my wife and my first professional camera and the coffee in my favourite café, that was it for me when I saw these beautiful USB flash drives. Three features stood out for me: they are handmadefrom the olive wood from the Croatian coast, and each is unique and different, not necessarily at first glance. The olive wood has amazing, incredible patterns so each piece is different just like the weddings I work on – each has a story, a history and two people who love each other… My clients love them and my brides and grooms who are getting married on the Mediterranean area are really delighted cause in a way these USB flash drives are souvenirs from their holiday and wedding. Isn’t that amazing?! Now even my couples not being married on the Mediterranean think this is something really unique and beautiful, so I deliver them for all of my weddings!