June 7, 2015

Zorana & Mile: a singer and a drummer getting married in Split!

“Dear dad, mom and Kiko, this is Zoza sending. I wish you many greetings from Sucuraj. Daddy, please bring my goggles. I am fine.” – that’s what’s written in an old yellowish postcard found in Zorana’s parents apartment. She wrote it as a 9-year-old from her holiday in Sucuraj on the island of Hvar. And we couldn’t stop reading it again and again while laughing so loudly.

That’s how it is every time you’re around these two, Zorana and Mile: broad smiles on everyone’s faces and the conversation in which everybody talks at the same time cause we all have so much to say about many things we have in common. So naturally, the same feeling transfered easily to their wedding day as well! So many emotions, tears and laughs during the first part of the day and extremely fun party in the evening… They got married in Split, in front of Saint Jere chapel on southern side of Marjan Hill – one of the most beautiful locations for a wedding ceremony in Split, Croatia. The reception and the party were organised on the terrace of Restaurant Benedict right next to the sea.

The wedding was specific by one more fact that is so significant for their whole relationship: the two met for the first time exactly two years before their wedding day when they formed Fank Zapa bend together with their mutual friends. Zorana sings in the band (and what an amazing singer she is!), and Mile is drummer. Their wedding night finished in a way their relationship started: with them and their band playing few songs for their guests! That was the perfect treat. It’s quite easy to realise that we also had so much fun just being there for them the whole day! We hope that these photos will show you nothing but that!