My little secret is actually no secret at all and once when you read it, you’ll realise it’s true. I started photographing around 2004 but weddings caught up my attention only four years later. However, my job of a wedding photographer became so much more serious, creativeand more developed right after a certain girl entered in my life. Her role of the main creative inspiration to me didn’t last quite long cause very quickly she became so much more than just that. So instead of putting together her classic “About” page on my website, I put this as a little gratitude/significance/portfolio page for Martina.

Her unique perspective of the world, crazy creativity and endless energy brought us things that I couldn’t believe are possible. As a creative soul that loves making new things and meeting new people, she contributed into my wedding photography with so many things, both tiny and huge, resulting in everything I am today. Impeccable people skills and the ability to see beyond everything she experiences resulted with our clients being so thrilled with their whole experiencewith their wedding photographers. Of course she’ll always say something like “Oh, it doesn’t have to do anything with me, it’s all about your talent…”, but talent alone doesn’t stand a chance of bringing up so many fantastic things all at once.

Quick jump to current time I can proudly brag about this same girl becoming my wife and the amazing wedding photographer herself. And even though we’re together for quite some time, I’m still learning about her and from her. The latest intriguing fact is that her own photography is becoming so good so fast, but what amazes me even more than that is her fresh and SO daring approach and style in her photos. It’s so easy to see that there are no impediments in front of her camera or in her mind which is a huge inspiration to my work as well. But I admit I could’ve expected that knowing that the same girl got us into so many fantastic and very limited experiences like Yi Peng festival in Thailand (whose variable date is fairly unknown to public outside of that country), perfect spot for spectacular New Year’s fireworks in Sydney Harbour, first row in Saint Patrick’s Parade in Boston, tickets to the sold out Black Keys concert in Madison Square Garden in NYC, Holi in Mathura, India – the place where this festival started, our own wedding in very special and unusual location and many more, while her energy doesn’t seem to fade. She was also the one who made me send one of my photos to the annual National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest. The photo won one of 10 awards.   She gave her special touch to this whole website and together we wanted to make the whole thing even more personal for our clients and for ourselves. So my logo that you can see in the upper left corner is made completely by Martina. The logo is actually handwritten cause I love her handwriting so much, so that was the only option for me! So with her being my little secret we brought in our work many more little secrets that are bringing the whole wedding photography experience to the completely new level of uniqueness and personalisation for our clients. Would you like to know more? Read the stories about it here and here as well.