Martinis Marchi Solta Weddings

Probably the most exclusive wedding venue in the whole of Croatian coast, Martinis Marchi is the ultimate experience of gathering just everything you need for the perfect destination wedding. As wedding photographers, we can say that we found the biggest number of conditions for a stunning wedding photography being possible here and only here.

Martinis Marchi was actually built as a castle back at the beginning of 18th century, and even nowadays locals from Maslinica town and the Island of Solta call it simply ‘Dvorac’ (‘Castle’). So it looks like an actual castle from Venetian times. You can read more of its history on hotel’s official website.

So, as bride and groom, you have a small boutique five-star heritage hotel still looking like castle with enough rooms to fit all of your guests or maybe majority, private secluded pool just for you and your guests to enjoy, while just on the other side of the hotel wall there is a crystal clear seawater and a beautiful tiny beach, amazing restaurant and a huge lawn overlooking the sea just outside of Martinis Marchi for the perfect wedding ceremony.

Martinis Marchi is situated in Maslinica on the island of Solta – an hour away by ferry from Split, but still on the island that is much more about local life than about numerous visitors, which means you get to enjoy the pure and real local Mediterranean life. It certainly doesn’t get any better than that! We always have loads of fun and positively challenging times shooting weddings here, so take a look at our latest adventures from Martinis Marchi and contact us below for info on our wedding photography offers.


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