January 23, 2017

Jenna & Gareth: Malcesine Castle wedding in Italy

You know that a wedding will be just amazing judging by two things: location/venue of the wedding and, much more importantly, what are like people who are having the wedding (also known as bride and groom).

Well, we arrived to Malcesine the evening before wedding and the weather was not the best ever. It was not good at all, lets be honest. There was not much we could see or feel under that huge rain shower in the whole of Lago di Garda region of Italy. But morning after… there are not much words to do this little picturesque and absolutely beautiful place a justice. Houses, alleys, the lake, Malcesine Castle (Castello Scaligero) sitting right above all of it like in a fairytale… people chilling, amazing weather, relaxed atmosphere and mouthwatering food. I was in love.

Jenna and Gareth seemed like really cool people even through our pre-wedding email correspondence. But once we met them, spoke to them, heard about their wedding schedule (in less than 5 minutes) and learned that their first dance song is I Walk The Line by Johnny Cash, we didn’t need to know anything else at all. Obviously, everything starts with bride and groom, so their friends and families were exactly the same – relaxed people on holiday, very fun and such a well connected bunch. It was obvious from getting ready where the bride and bridesmaids were doing one another’s hair and make up and had such a great time, through very emotional wedding ceremony right at that Malcesine Castle I mentioned earlier and quick and simple photo shoot of two of them, all the way to the crazy party in the evening in beautiful Al Corsaro Restaurant with some fun speeches accompanied with even more fun photos and videos. I don’t need to mention goose bumps all over my body while photographing two things: the whole wedding party shot from the top of the Malcesine Castle with the most amazing view of the whole town of Malcesine and Lake Garda, and the first dance while listening to Mr. Cash.

There is probably so much we can’t remember right at this moment. I just know we wish to be back to that place, for holiday or for another wedding, doesn’t matter, and that we hope that we’ll always be surrounded with brides and grooms like Jenna and Gareth. Rest is, as always, in these photos below.