August 2, 2013

I am National Geographic prize winner!

I still can’t believe I’m writing this… I received an email from Mr. Dan Westergren, director of Photography of National Geographic Traveler saying that I won a merit prize in this year’s National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest… There were 10 winners in over 15 000 photos that were entered.

“Over 15,000 photos were entered, and your image was chosen as one of our favorites. Your photo comprises everything a strong picture should – mood,
timeliness, and strong composition.”

The winning photo is one really special moment from my trip to New Zealand in January 2013. I was in Queenstown, New Zealand, at the end of my 2-month journey. Queenstown, the world capital of adrenaline, appealed to me precisely for its wide selection of adrenaline sports that I love. At the end of a really exciting day, the last before going back home, I was walking on the streets packed with young people from all over the world who were there for the same reason as myself – to have fun. Then, at the very end of the day, and of my trip, I saw such an interesting sight, a street piano player and a girl sitting on a wall next to him. When I look at the photo again, the only thing missing is that sound of piano which would take me back to the state when I was full of impressions from the trip, but at the same time overwhelmed with exhaustion and melancholy. This photo fits perfectly into that state.

Here is the gallery of all winning images, incredible photos from amazing photographers! Congratulations to all!