March 12, 2013

Hey, thanks for visiting! I’m Nikola, a photographer from Croatia, and THIS is how I do wedding photography

Since I’ve been intensively pursuing wedding photography for the last couple of years, a question how I actually got to doing wedding photography would often pass through my mind. As an amateur photographer I was trying out all kinds of photography, I was wandering and finding myself fascinated with its every form, until little by little, weddings themselves caught my attention. While putting together this website for my clients and all others who are interested in my work, I was rummaging through photos of numerous weddings from the past years; soon I realized – all that vigor in weddings is what drew me to them.
Unusual situations, unrepeatable moments, intense emotions, amazing dynamic of the entire day are all a new challenge at every wedding. You experience in a day what sometimes takes years… And I get to be around people on one of their most intensive days in a life and create their memory of that day… Documenting all that life which happens around people and which will remain their photo memory, has become the most invaluable and purposeful thing that I’ve done in my entire career.

Wedding photography is something that should probably be given a lot of attention when making reservations and choices for a wedding. Of course, every element of that day is very significant and it’s important that each is at its best – music, wedding dress, food, setting…

However, a bride and a groom don’t choose a wedding photographer to do something only for that one day, the photographer documents all those moments for clients to have them captured for the rest of their lives.

‘Cause, the wedding dress will be taken off after that day and replaced with comfy clothes; flowers, a beautiful decoration, will wither and be thrown away, the music will make people dance and entertain them that night, but will soon fade away… and that one day will pass so fast you won’t believe it… The only things that will remain after the wedding, except the love between two people and their wedding rings, are wedding photos. Since I’m aware of this, I act accordingly when I’m hired, trying to get the best out of every step of the process.

Wedding photos that I make never and by no means follow trends in editing, nor do they go under the influence of the time we are in at that moment. It’s hard to see that from the present time but the fact is that trends come and go, some of them even look funny after few years, and the photos stay there. Without that trendy touch, they make a true memory, permanent and timeless and they will keep the same or gain the greater value for years and years after they’re taken. The emphasis is put on what is definitely most difficult to accomplish in practice – on natural photos with authentic colors and outstanding moments that are caught in a special and characteristic way, photos that tell a story of the life, the wedding and two people in love.

I always try to be completely unnoticeable, as if I was not there. I am at the wedding, of course, maybe right behind bride or groom. But by no means I don’t let them know that I’m there, or suggest them to stand this or that way or to do something. They have fun at the wedding because it’s all theirs and because they want to hang out only with their guests there (and not with me!). I will do my thing so they don’t notice it.

The equipment I work with is something that is visible in my photos. I do use quality, highest-standard equipment, but still, in my opinion, the key element is a man, not a machine. This is why my photos, and not my equipment are witnesses of my work, and as long as I honestly care about what I do for my clients, they will have exactly the memories they want. I also pay quite a lot of attention to back up copies right after the wedding, so there are up to four copies of one wedding at different places to make sure the photos are safe in every way!

I believe that the serious posed photos on a photo shoot on the wedding day or around it, are not as important. Sure, it’s nice to have some creative portraits in beautiful surroundings and I’m happy to take them, but I don’t make a half day photo shoot out of it, nor do my clients become big actors. It’s perfectly enough to document a short romantic walk with smiles of the two people in love! Cause even the slightest little thing which happens spontaneously and is not imposed on that day is what makes the real story of wedding, and for me, that is true memory of wedding. With photos of these moments, they are exactly what people will be talking about long after.

Is there anything I haven’t mentioned while introducing my work? There always is! Or you’ve been told enough and you’d like to book me? Even better! In any way, you can fill out a form here even just to say hello, but do feel free also to check my availabilty and detailed offer. Now that you’ve learned something about my work, I’d like to find out something about you and your wedding. We might put the two together in the end!