June 9, 2021

Emma and Johan’s romantic holiday wedding

The beautiful wedding venue of Beach Club Hvar is probably the most convenient place there is in Hvar. Why is that? Cause it is so easy to have both ceremony and reception there while also getting ready in Hotel Amfora which is just there as the part of the same complex.

And that’s what Emma and Johan did! They did rent separate private apartments for their getting ready, but the ceremony and then reception were both at Beach Club Hvar.

I firmly believe that’s one of the things that contributed greatly to the whole day being so relaxed and guests being so carefree and keen on having fun. Real destination wedding without any fuss on sight!

Two of them are a special kind of story. We had impeccable communication from the first email. They loved our photography style and were so confident in us doing a good job that we honestly could unleash and relax completely along with everyone else, so we snapped away tons during this beautiful day. 

Our highlight was definitely their first dance! Photos simply can’t do justice to someone who wasn’t there to witness it, but we hope that photos at can transfer at least them back to that amazing vibe. They had a choreography that they performed so smoothly while being so crazy in love the entire song. And the song was L.O.V.E. by Frank Sinatra.

In a nutshell, it was a storybook wedding, holiday edition. Great people, location in Hvar to die for, emotional, tearful and so personal ceremony, mouthwatering food and all the sunshine Hvar can bring you in mid-September.

We’ll finish by quoting Johan and saying again one HUGE thank you to both of them and then move to the photos below!

“Me and my wife hired Nikola and Martina for a full day for our wedding in Hvar, Croatia sep 2019.  Sweden being our home, we were a bit scared hiring photographers in Croatia online, but Nikola and Martina was perfect. Nikola, a super kind person, was happy to meet via skype and easy to communicate with via email as well. Nikola was very thorough with his preparatory work, wanting to know our story and our family in order to do a better job, and which very much showed on the pictures later, really good! They also examined the location for good photo-spots before the wedding. Also, personally I did not notice them most of the time on the wedding dinner and evening.. must have been very good camouflaging into the environment haha. It should also be mentioned that they were very easy to be around, friendly and helped us relax before and on THE day. They did their job more than great, me and Emma are beyond grateful to them and for the incredible pictures they took! We really recommend Nikola (and Martina!)!

/ Johan & Emma, Wedding in Hvar, Sep 2019″