Really early in my life I realised that I can’t spend my time in one city not getting to know what’s further beyond that. That’s why I pretty soon started to travel, going to different continents and getting out of my comfort zone in every way while trying to learn everything I can about the place I’m in at that moment. When I’m not photographing weddings in Croatia, in beautiful places like Dubrovnik, Split, Istria, Hvar, Vis or Pag, I’m traveling, which means that few months a year I’m somewhere else.


Do you like what you see on my website? Maybe right in this moment I’m somewhere not far away! And I don’t mind taking another plane ride, bus ride, even a horse ride… to come to your place and make some memories for you. So, just send me a message through my contact form and I’ll get back to you the same day.


As a destination wedding photographer, I travel all across Europe for beautiful weddings. It’s so easy and really cheap to reach any place in Europe nowadays and living in country that has so many connections with European cities makes it fast and convenient. So if you’re having your destination wedding anywhere in Europe, don’t hesitate to send me an enquiry just because we’re in different countries. You might find yourself surprised by learning how easy and cheap it actually is for me to come to the location of your wedding. Weddings in Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, UK, Ireland, Germany, Greece, Turkey… anywhere is good enough for me! And I can’t wait to learn about your customs and weddings on your side of the planet.