Belinda & Luke: casual and unpredictable wedding in Dubrovnik

Published: 13.08.2015.

Dubrovnik is probably one of the most beautiful places in the world for destination weddings. So many couples tying the knot every year inside its old walls prove that.

On the other hand, Melbourne in Australia is one of the greatest cities in the world to live in. Its cultural and ethnical mix plus amazing spirit makes it so attractive and special.

So what do you get when you have a fantastic couple living in Melbourne coming to get married in Dubrovnik? Only the most amazing, fun and unpredictable wedding you can imagine…

Since they live in Melbourne, you can presume that Belinda and Luke have different roots. She’s of Croatian heritage and he’s of Czech heritage. And they brought their small group of friends and families, all with different roots, to the one of the most beautiful places to get married at - Dubrovnik.

Fun for us started the moment we finally met them in person: a night before their wedding in this great Wine bar Razonoda, their favourite bar in Dubrovnik. There was much more talk about fun things, about Australia (that we LOVE!), Croatia (that they LOVE!), travels and beer, than about wedding itself. That’s when I knew that this wedding is going to be so casual and relaxed.

That fact was proven the morning after: we arrived at the house in which Belinda was getting ready. The weather was not at its best with some rain and clouds and the atmosphere in the house was not at its highest. Then we learnt why: just before our arrival they had to cancel the restaurant they booked for their wedding a year in advance, because guys from that restaurant couldn’t figure out how to handle their wedding on that rainy weather. Can you imagine that?!? So the morning of the wedding, with all their guests being in the city, they were trying to figure out where to go for their reception in the evening. Of the same day.

And can you imagine a bride and a groom going through all of that on their wedding day? You can imagine them in general, but not these two. Despite all of that happening, they managed to stay as calm and relaxed as possible and they just didn’t want to let a “little thing” like that ruin their wedding day. They were absolutely right and they earned my eternal respect and admiration for that!

In the end, as if things needed to go that way - they managed to book the most fantastic Cafe Royal restaurant in the famous and beautiful Pucic Palace in the very central part of Dubrovnik. The part of that whole complex is Wine bar Razonoda - the place where they ended up going right after the dinner and some dance in the restaurant. Long story short, those guys that they bonded with earlier while being in Dubrovnik, saved their wedding day and reception and not only that. They gave them the greatest night of fun with their loved ones that couldn’t go any better.

So I told you about the part that was happening behind everything, the part that's impossible to see in any kind of photo. Now you can take a look at the photos and try to imagine all of it happening while you watch them. You sure won't be able to notice they booked their reception venue that morning!