Sarah & Tom: the most casual wedding of Bol

Published: 29.10.2014.

After Sarah and Tom's wedding in August, there could've hardly been a more casual wedding in Bol, maybe even on all of the Island of Brač. I didn't get the chance to meet them before their wedding day because they arrived to Croatia from UK straight to their wedding.
The day had begun by making all of the arrangements inside the loveliest house I had ever seen. Yes, this is the second superlative of this wedding. The house the family had rented was decorated as a loving home, full of details, little things such as vintage decorum and books... The whole family, and me with them, felt right at home and at ease in that house.

The ceremony itself had a trait that Brits probably like: it was extremely hot. A sunny day and a civil ceremony out in the open in the backyard of a Dominican monastery at 4 o'clock in the afternoon created a picture of guests constantly fanning themselves. But the laughter have never stopped, they couldn't be bothered with the heat while being on holidays and enjoying the wedding, just like Sarah and Tom couldn't be bothered with posing shots so we did like 5-minute photo shoot with only two of them.

And the reception? It was a special treat... It took place by the sea at Ribarska kućica tavern in Bol, or to picture it better – if you stood up from the table, you were two steps away from the crystal clear sea, divided by a pebble beach. It was at this time that I realized how laid back Sarah, Tom and their guests were. Pitchers of beer in hands and guests in the sea up to their knees, sitting on the beach, lounging up until it was time to dance and filling the dance floor with all the good energy they brought with them. When we were saying our goodbyes, they both told me that they had such a relaxing day of pure joy. You don’t get to hear that often coming from the newlyweds, but you simply cannot describe their day any differently...

Sarah and Tom, I hope that in your married life you’ll have only days like that one and that you’ll enjoy them! Now enjoy your photos!