My lucky number of 13 wedding photography awards so far

Published: 05.06.2015.

As of today, and two years after I became the member of Fearless Photographers, ISPWP and WPJA, I have 13 international awards for my wedding photography. No matter what society thinks about number 13, I believe that’s my lucky number! :) Two years ago I couldn’t imagine having this many international awards, but now that’s reality and it makes me happy.

The thing is it’s not so much about the awards themselves, as it’s about what’s behind them. Fearless Photographers, ISPWP and WPJA are very significant and influential wedding photography societies and all of them hold quarterly contests for their members among which are the world’s best wedding photographers of our time. The judges in those contests are wedding photographers or at least photographers and very good photographers themselves, so to me that means that somebody doing the same job I do, recognised my work as exceptional to give it an award. Furthermore, if wedding photographers think that I’m doing something right continuously, I believe that means that all of my brides and grooms can simply trust me with their wedding memories and the photos they’d be getting back to a long after the wedding day’s gone. I also believe it easily shows how much effort I actually do put in my work as a wedding photographer and I’ll continue to do so, that’s for sure! 

I hope that my lucky number of 13 wedding photography awards will be exceeded soon. To me that means that my work is getting harder and more enjoyable!

Award winning photos: