Natasha & James: Hvar Croatia Wedding Photographer

Published: 15.07.2015.

As wedding photographers we experience all sorts of things happening right in front of us. In my career so far they varied from extremely happy moments all the way to those really sad bits that sometimes just have to come. It all comes down to the fact that you have to be ready for all of them no matter what. As a photographer you need to be ready to see them, realise right at the very start that they are very important and grab those photos while being calm and focused. Yes, that’s what you should do and how you should be as a professional photographer. But the truth is that even as a professional, you still have feelings, and some feelings in some situations are just hard to control. 

I had my first test of that kind on this beautiful and emotional wedding in Hvar, Croatia. Natasha and James planned their wedding more than a year in advance knowing exactly what they want. The day of their wedding came just as the perfect reward: beautiful sunny day in the town of Hvar, amazing place for a wedding; everything happening just the way it was planned, Natasha and James being so kind and sweet people… We were enjoying so much! 

While Nikola left to prepare for the beginning of the ceremony taking photos from the front side, I stayed with Natasha for her last preparations before leaving her hotel room. The very last thing happening in that room was her father coming to take her to the ceremony. You expect it to be intensive and emotional. But remember, there are some situations when you just can’t prepare yourself well enough. She was in the room with her mom, her sister, her three bridesmaids and her friend. With videographer and me that was 8 people. Her father came and that was the first time he saw her in her wedding dress. The second they looked at each other they both started to cry. At that point there was 9 people in the room and there was complete silence… The only thing we could hear was two of them sobbing. That was incredibly intensive moment. She ran into the bathroom to try and calm down and once when she came out, she approached her father giving him one small wedding gift from her. It was a handkerchief with a few emotional words in embroidery which brought him to cry, again. She tried hard not to pay attention on him cause she knew she wouldn’t be able to stop crying, so she was trying to fix her hair and make up while he turned away and silently cried. That’s when I made this photo while my hands were shaking from being in such an intensive situation.

After they received their photos edited, Natasha said that this part of the wedding along with the photos was something she’d never ever forget and that she’s so thankful for having those memories. That is a really great thing to hear... 

Now I’m also glad that I was a part of those moments cause experiencing it all and learning how to capture it no matter how strong feelings were involved, was a real deal for any photographer.

The day, expectedly, continued to be nothing but emotional, strong and beautiful. When you add in this perfect location which Hvar really is, everything’s there! Their wedding reception was on the little island of Palmizana in the most amazing Zori Restaurant. We caught so much fun in the photos... 

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