Candy & Stanley: summer engagement session in Split

Published: 18.09.2015.

It's the height of the summer season and we’ve been trying to set up the time to meet a couple from Hong Kong who’s visiting Croatia for their holiday, hoping to have some nice photos taken. And in the middle of the summer, our main concern became the weather. 

Those few days while Candy and Stanley were visiting Split, have been so “cheerful” because of the weather that we had to change a few timeframes before finding the right one. But the two of them couldn’t be bothered at all and that was the crucial element which made the whole day very fun and beautiful. We started on Split’s centre; Riva, Diocletian’s Palace, and when a soft rain started to fall – into the Diocletian’s basements we went. Not only is this complex of basements more than 1700 years old, just like the palace itself, but for the last few years it has become popular and significant for filming Game of Thrones series. Plenty of scenes which were filmed in Diocletian’s basements make people want to wander around while having fun by remembering those scenes. Candy and Stanley were really happy to learn that this was the location of the actual filming and it was pretty exciting for them to know they’d have their photos at this location.

We continued to Sustipan, the old park that used to be a cemetery. With its sea views, it takes your breath away and it’s perfect for nice walks. Once again we had some rain surprising us, but we were not giving up!

The last, and to me the most spectacular stop, was Salona - the ruins of the ancient city that was built even before Diocletian’s Palace. This location is the perfect combination of nature with very significant historical sights.

And what about this couple? They were so much in love and made this whole job so easy that it didn’t feel like a job at all. That’s what I like the most and that’s what can help us get great results.

So the combination of these sites, plus very fun and relaxed mood, brought to us an amazing day filled with laughter and I can just hope that Candy and Stanley will remember it with broad smiles on their faces every time they look at these photos…